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At times of nuclear uncertainty or things like who forgot to turn the dishwasher on, it’s always best to blame the woman.

It’s the same old story.

And there are so many stories from which we can access the trope of the demonic female.

Take your pick! From Medea to H. Rider Haggard’s ‘She’, not to mention that fat cow in The Little Mermaid who terrorises poor little Ariel - let’s face it:

If there’s any trouble afoot, and there’s someone to blame - it must be SHE.

The current female of global concern, tasked with being the Eve of Adam’s destruction, and likely perpetrator of thermonuclear war - is the member of Parliament for South West Norfolk.

This is a rural constituency in England, where the most trouble you are likely to get is a frustrated local shouting at you that you’re talking ‘a load of ole squit!’ if they don’t agree with something you’ve said.

Or where you have to deal with other matters that warrant local headlines such as ‘Sheep gets stuck on bridge. Again’.

Safe to say that Liz Truss, from the badlands of Norfolk, is probably the least likely person to start a war. It’s just too much hassle after dealing with angry turkeys and road blocks on the A11.

But she’s definitely the most likely type to face down a warmonger.

Photos do not do justice to the unusual mix of 100 watt charisma and tough-as-nails-attitude this gal brings into town.

She wears earrings that look like the triangles you played at school and boxy navy trouser suits. Some have suggested the word ‘eccentric’ may apply.

But beware. People in the presence of Ms. Truss, known as ‘Liz’, (not Elizabeth) are left in no doubt that she puts one in mind of another Elizabeth.

Queen Elizabeth.

No. Not the current one.

More like Elizabeth the First - she of the white face and cold eyes and very large gold dresses. She, who on spying an enemy, sent men on tall ships to fight. Hundreds of years ago.

Today in 2022 the Russian administration is all of a flutter because of something Liz Truss, British Foreign Secretary, said.

She said the Russian invasion of Ukraine could put Russia in ‘conflict’ with NATO.

Seems an obvious conclusion to me.

But it’s not really about something Liz Truss said is it?

The problem for despotic leaders is that it’s something she appears to be.

Tough. Icy. Determined. Just like Putin on a bad day.

But he’s the one subliminally threatening nuclear war.

SHE isn’t.

Tara Lüv

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