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An anonymous force for good

When I read that Anonymous had brought cyber warfare to Russia, I remembered the scene in ‘Die Hard 4.0’ when computer expert hero Matt Farrell floods the evil Thomas Gabriel’s computer with pornography.

ProclaimingWe are Anonymous, we are legion, we do not forgive, we do not forget. Expect us…’ Anonymous arrived to do battle with the dreadful Putin on 24th February. They then brilliantly hacked into Russian streaming services Wink and Ivi, and multiple TV channels. From there, they broadcast war footage from Ukraine. This will show gullible Russians what is actually happening - rather than believing the sanitised fantasy Putin likes to project into peoples’ homes.

Further first-class work by Anonymous included playing Ukrainian songs, and hacking into Kremlin networks and departments.


Have Anonymous – through their global hackers and computer genius – become the world’s policemen? Are Anonymous our 21st century slayers of dragons? Our own Jedi warriors battling Putin’s evil storm troopers?

No matter – the image of Putin stamping his feet and screaming at his computer experts to ‘do something’ as Anonymous runs riot through his systems, is just so utterly satisfying.


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