BBC - get over your 'fury'

The BBC, having been covering Ukraine for a while, has now resumed normal partisan service. Take the dramatic headline ‘Fury as PM compares Ukraine fight to Brexit Vote’.

You imagine from that headline, massed demonstrations in the streets, widespread and vocal public anger etc., etc. Actually not so.

In fact, those quoted as expressing ‘fury’ were:

  • Donald Tusk, former head of the EU’s Council who bitterly fought Brexit.

  • Conservative peer Lord Barwell. You may know him better (but probably not) as Gavin Barwell, a Remainer and Theresa May’s Chief of Staff while she failed to deliver Brexit leaving it to Boris Johnson to get it done.

  • Guy Verhofstadt, the European Parliament's Brexit negotiator – enough said.

  • Labour MP Rachel Reeves who fought for a second Brexit referendum.

  • Liberal Democrat Sir Ed Davey who fought Brexit continuously (though that may have passed you by along with the existence of Libdems generally)

  • Tobias Ellwood, a Remainer, sacked for not supporting Boris over Brexit

  • SNP Ian Blackford who opposed Brexit and wants Scotland to rejoin the EU.

Does the BBC really think this pathetic pro-Remain, biased reporting is subtle?


We have left the EU. Get over it.

We have Boris as PM. Get over that too.

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