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Birthday Cakes

What message does the BBC think it sends out to the world when its sole focus in the weeks of build-up to the Ukraine invasion was whether Boris Johnson (aka the Prime Minister) got an office birthday cake some 14 months ago?

Did the BBC not stop to think, in its role as our highly paid and fully funded national

broadcaster, that it might ask Laura Kuenssberg to pull herself up off the floor, park her political agenda, and look outwards at what was happening in the rest of the world?

Was bringing down Boris and the Conservatives really the only objective- regardless of cost?

Because cost we will certainly pay – and the Ukrainians are going to have a particularly big bill.

By reducing the national conversation to the nonsense and trivia of parties and birthday cakes, by seeking to emasculate our leaders over silly and unimportant ‘events’, they have shouted that we, the UK, do not matter; that we are not serious and that we have been weakened and infantilised from within.

Maybe you think that is not important?

But actually it is important if it makes Putin act in the belief that we are of no consequence and there are no consequences to his actions. And it’s also important to the Ukrainian people sitting under bombs and missiles.

The BBC has forgotten, in its relentless and childish bias, that its words count. Hijacked by an obsessive left wing mantra, focused only on its magazine-type articles, it has lost sight of its original role and purpose.

We will all pay for that, but some will pay with their lives.

If you think this is an exaggeration, just remember that on the day Russia invaded Ukraine, the BBC found time and space to include as a top story on its online landing page ‘Why are black Americans being punished for their hair.’


Are you really surprised that Putin thought invasion was a chance worth taking…?

Daphne Dickless

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