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Money & Corruption

Where there's corruption in government, somebody or everybody's making a lot of money. That makes it dangerous.’ (Kenneth Eade)

Putin claims to own a flat, a small piece of land and a garage.

Others claim he is worth $100 billion. Some even claim he is worth $200 billion (which would make him the richest person on earth).

So these estimates of Putin’s assets are not really very close to one another.

Meanwhile, Anonymous has struck again, this time targeting Russia’s government websites, including even FSB its national security agency, and Roskomnadzor, the agency which censors Russian media. Tango Down, announced Anonymous (i.e. an enemy has been defeated in combat.)

Given the extraordinary expertise of Anonymous, Putin might be worried by the most recent Anonymous video message which directly names Putin as their target.

Calling on their members to do their research and ‘dig’, Anonymous promises:

From the depths of your closet, no skeleton will be left unturned’.

I suspect none of this is now turning out as Putin either wanted or expected.

And now it’s got personal.

Stay tuned……….

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