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Putin's Fantasyland

Kremlin-controlled TV and radio are pushing out constant lies to persuade Russians that Ukraine is the attacker and Putin’s operations are a noble cause - a demilitarisation operation targeting military infrastructure or a "special operation to defend the people's republics".

To provide a really top look at Putin’s fantasyland the Russians are helpfully launching a new website where there is "only true information".

The question is: how many Russians are appalled, shocked and ashamed because of their country’s actions but will pretend to believe this rubbish because it’s easier that way? How many are willing to be enablers of Putin’s aggression by accepting his fantasyland reporting because they are very scared of him and think that’s safer?

The Russians stood up to Hitler in the 2nd world war. Now they have their own home-grown tyrant who is acting as Adolf Hitler did – barbaric aggression and fantasyland justifications.

We must hope that among the 146 million Russians there are many brave enough to acknowledge the truth and do what Ukrainians are doing - standing up for themselves and their families.

And if they don’t want to do that just because it is the right thing to do so, then maybe the loss of their Apple I-phone connectivity and the poverty they will endure as the sanctions’ screw inexorably turns on them, will spur them into action.

If not, the Russian people will find themselves as crushed as any Ukrainian victim of Putin’s fantasyland.

Daphne Dickless .

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