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Refugees are not political pawns. Stop it. Now.

Well that didn't take long. Only a matter of hours after the UK government launched its nationwide and comprehensive Homes for Ukraine scheme, the wokearati have managed to turn it into a political football.

First, there are the swivel-eyed loonies whose immediate reaction to any government announcement is to criticise it. "£350 a month - that's not enough to pay for the electricity and gas, is it?!"

No, and it's not meant to be. You take in refugees because you're a good person and you care, with no expectation of reward. Your reaction to the fact the government is prepared to give you £350 a month to help with the costs should be to say "thank you".

Then the mainstream media loudly proclaiming: "Just one cabinet minister out of 30 confirms they plan to take in a Ukrainian refugee." So far. I doubt most of them have had time even to discuss it with their families yet, given they've had to devote every waking second to... oh, what was it again... ah yes: a WAR.

And that leads me onto the third group. "You're not planning to take in any refugees? Gosh - my husband and I are planning to take FIVE!" What does it matter? It isn't a competition. It's about them and their needs, not about your ego, you insufferable twat.

To see the unadulterated stream of liquefied excrement which masquerades as news and comment today, you'd be forgiven for believing the UK has become a deeply nasty and screwed up little country.

And that's because the extremists of the Left who inhabit social media 24 hours a day waiting to leap on everything a Conservative MP says, and the scurrilous Marxists who pose as serious journalists at the BBC want you to believe it.

But you only have to look a little further for the truth. Over 15,000 people registered on the Homes for Ukraine website within its first hour of operation. The site has been crashing all afternoon and evening under the sheer weight of ordinary, decent, conscientious Britons queueing up to do their duty. Local message boards are creaking under the volume of discussion in small communities about how everyone can work together to make sure Ukrainians have others nearby to build a community of their own.

And let's look at the facts. Hosts will receive an optional £350 per month from the government as a 'thank you'. Optional. So if you'd feel bad for taking it, you don't have to.

The government will vet both hosts and refugees to ensure those entering the country really are Ukrainian, and that those hosting them are suitable to do so. This is a simple and sensible precaution yet seems to have triggered the Communists to the most extraordinary degree.

The purpose of having a record of who enters the country is so that they can be registered to receive benefits, education and employment support, even English tuition if they need it. A generous level of support to help our new neighbours settle in and make a life here.

At every level, the government has shown kindness - yet irrelevant oafs like Sir Ed Davey continue to call for the Home Secretary to resign.

British people have stepped up and offered homes, in their thousands - yet the Left still continues to make snippy remarks about using the homes of oligarchs to house refugees.

We should be very scared of what is being said and done in our name, by the so-called 'elected representatives' of the Labour and Liberal Democrat parties, and by our national media. Because it is a lie. And they do not speak for us.

These are people who - starting with the pulling down of a statue in Bristol - have fully bought into the narrative of the UK as a spiteful, narrow-minded little state. The reality is that we are still, in spite of attempts to rewrite history, an extraordinarily outward-looking, broad-minded, big-hearted, generous, free, democratic, and beautiful country.

It's high time us ordinary folk stood up and started to make our views heard. We're the nation that stands up to tyranny. We're the nation that got all our fishing boats together and went to Dunkirk. We're the nation that fought off the evil and oppression of Hitler, and we are doing so again now with Putin.

And if that hasn't convinced you, just take a look across the pond: where President Biden recently talked about the plight of the 'Iranians', so unsighted is he on the issues.

Of course, what's behind all this is the insane fervour of the Left for removing Boris Johnson at any cost. Even if that cost is turning the desperate, scared, displaced people of Ukraine into political pawns. Now that's real evil.

Meanwhile, Johnson remains the second most popular figure in Ukraine. Why? Because he and Zelenskyy are cut of the same cloth - and those of us able to see past our own petty political grievances can see that together they form the most formidable alliance in the world against Putin.

So stop it. Now. Refugees are not political pawns. They're human beings in need. And through our compassion we will help them.

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