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The BBC's take on sanctions-hit Russian shops

Does the BBC really think the average Russia shops in Dior, Louise Vuitton, Gucci, or Fendi? If yes, then where is it getting its information from? Whoever are its highly paid journalists actually talking to?

If not then why, until 9th March, did the BBC talk so much about the luxury brands pulling out of Russia and even show photo after photo of those closed designer shops?

Of course every Western business should pull out of Russia – that’s for certain.

But in terms of the impact of sanctions the BBC are quite wrong to think that closing designer shops will impact the ordinary Russian, who will then clamour harder for the war against Ukraine to end.

The average monthly income is Russia is 104,000 Ruble – about £667. A Louise Vuitton handbag is around £2000.

The BBC should do the maths.

Now the sensitive and woke BBC have suddenly decided to pretend they have never heard of designer shops and replaced all their designer shop photos with images of MacDonalds.


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