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What makes a leader?

A Ukrainian comedian turned politician is rising inexorably to the role of war leader against the most aggressive Russian foe.

Every now and then in the history of the human race someone quite ordinary rises quite unexpectedly to a position of power and then, by chance, is suddenly faced with a huge and unforeseen challenge.

Joe Biden’s response was to the challenge facing Ukrainian President Zelensky, was, it appears, to offer to evacuate him. In response, the Ukrainian President said he wanted ammunition, not a ride.

It is hard to imagine President Trump behaving like Joe Biden. Indeed it is hard to imagine the situation now unfolding would have unfolded in the way it has had Trump been re-elected. But I am sure the Democrats are proud and pleased in their choice of Joe Biden as leader at this moment in the world’s history.

Back in Ukraine thousands are fleeing. Those fleeing are women and children -i.e. women in the conventional sense of the word because when the chips are down woke nonsense about self-identification and gender fluidity is trampled under the boots of battle. The men have been ordered to stay behind and fight or they have volunteered to do so.

Ukrainians of all ages are fighting and if they stand their ground it will not be the quick win Putin hoped for. To arm a nation of 45 million is not something tried before. Putin cannot contemplate defeat so he will look for other weapons to subdue the Ukrainian resistance.

Who knows where this will end. But what is clear is that while leadership and courage are exemplified in ordinary people - if not elsewhere - there is still hope for all of us.

Daphne Dickless

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