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Woke is so last year

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

I was thinking of Peter Kay’s comedy description of his Mum waking him in the small hours to get the flight to go on holiday.

By hoovering around his bed.

There’s just times when you know things are serious and it’s time for a tidy up.

Strangely, as Putin thunders towards Ukraine, that image seems very fitting now.

Get Up.

Get rid of the clutter dears, the hoover’s started.

Get rid of the dust of cancel culture, carping, cringing and criticising the British government.

Because there’s nothing like the prospect of World War 3 to concentrate the mind. Although by no means let me spoil your day.

There are positives.

Jacob Rees Mogg recently revealed that he is a fan of chocolate ‘Creme Eggs’.

How very reassuring.

How very British.

And watching a recent Prime Minister’s Questions (in this country we let our people in on some big discussions) it looked like politicians on all sides, but mainly the Left, had suddenly dropped their constant bleating and obedience to Wokery.

The U.K. is one of the most liberal countries in the world and funnily enough considering we’re so flawed, many people want to live here.

But we’ve been bludgeoned over the head with the cultural weapon of Woke in recent years, unhelpfully whilst fighting Coronavirus.

Telling us how horrible we are. Destroying optimism, hope and unity.

That’s one way to flatten us isn’t it? Just demoralise the population.

Yes. Racism, Sexism, Gender Bias, Animal Rights and Green issues all deserve our attention.

But the shrill aggression and the egos of the messengers have taken the shine off the honourable aims.

And I’m tired of Western Wokesters doing that chin-wobble thing whilst being interviewed on camera. The ‘crying on cue’ as they mention the sad thing in their lives.

I’m exhausted with the games of the Virtue War. The pouting, posing, preaching celebrities telling me how I can be more virtuous.

I’m more worried for the Ukraine.

Because Democracy is being threatened now in potentially very violent ways.

And as far as I’m concerned, the indulgence of Woke has been a symptom of the West’s loosening grip on reality.

Time to ditch the asinine, indulgent and infantile obsession with it.

Time to properly wake up.

I’m strangely appreciative of the new political formality, the tough talk based on real threats.

And the courtesy. That still moment when Members of the House get properly serious. The sight of Democracy in action.

But not too serious.

For me, the dream is peace.

And sitting down with the likes of Jacob for a chat.

Thanks very much. I’ll have a Creme Egg too.

And a nice cup of tea.

Tara Lüv

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