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You've got the job

Rishi Sunak, the UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, delivered to the British people one of the most generous welfare schemes in the world during Coronavirus.

Despite this, there was a spot of bother with sunbathers and various layabouts refusing to go back to work when it was all over.

‘Furlough’ - being paid roughly 80 per cent of your normal pay whilst off work - was starting to feel cool.

Well, the heat’s on now.

Jobs a-plenty, and potential war in Europe.

I say to any future employer - as you scout around looking for people who still have that thing known as ‘a work ethic’ - who would you like to work for you?

Step forward ‘The Ukrainians’.

For a start, The British Armed Forces, the Police, Paramedics and all Emergency Services seem the right milieu for Ukrainians - people who have shown such courage and resilience in the toughest of circumstances.

And if that doesn’t suit, how about some Ukrainian influence on the blob-like status of our social services, education and health sectors?

A spot of Ukrainian self-help philosophy could work wonders on these vastly expensive behemoths.

Instead of upholding a culture of victimhood, these true victims of the terror that has visited them could offer some helpful advice for hearts and minds:

A basic belief in strong families, their Christian outlook, marriage, working hard, sticking by your kids and defending your country.

Who would have thought it?

Such practical, clear, self-disciplined views may take on a new lease of life in Britain.

If I were a prospective employer my response to a Ukrainian applicant would be ‘Thank You’.

‘You’ve got the job.’

Tara Lüv

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